Recipe Hand-Whipped Cream

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  • Hand-Whipped Cream
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  • 118 kCal
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  • Category : Dessert
  • Sub-category : Creams, Custards and Mousses
  • Difficulty : 1
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  • 1 tall mixing bowl
  • 1 large whisk or electric mixer


  1. Put the cream and the container you will be using in the refrigerator an hour in advance, or make sure to use well chilled products.

  2. When you are ready to whip the cream: Pour the cream, superfine sugar and vanilla in a tall mixing bowl and whisk together, using a figure-8 motion. Whip the cream slowly in the beginning and then whip faster when bubbles begin to form. It will gradually thicken and stick to the wires of your whisk. You will know the cream is ready when it forms stiff peaks which hold their shape, which you can test by dipping your whisk in the cream and pulling it out
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    The process will be even easier and faster if you choose to use an electric mixer.

Final Thoughts...

  • An easy whipped cream to make, even by hand, to use for decorating desserts Smiley For best results, use chilled heavy whipping cream (which has 35% fat) and a chilled bowl. The bigger the whisk, the quicker the cream will whip up!

    Important: Be careful not to whisk the cream too long! Doing so will create lumps and can lead to you making butter rather than cream. One of the first signs: the white cream will start to take on a yellow color...

    Confectioner's Sugar Alternative: confectioner's sugar can be used in the place of superfine sugar. In this case, whip the cream alone first, then add the confectioner's sugar when the cream begins to thicken

    Heavy Cream Alternative: mixing 7 oz (200ml) of crème fraiche with 4 tablespoons of milk diluted with the superfine sugar will give you a heavy cream equivalent

    You can also make whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser, but we now know that these chargers are bad for the environment!


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